When can I buy a Bust A Move sports bra?
If we reach our campaign goal, we are on track to start accepting pre-orders for the bra by March 2021.
What sizes will be available for the Bust A Move sports bra?
Our initial size range will have bras from D to J cup with adjustable band sizes.
How does my contribution help Bust A Move?
Your generous contribution will allow us to hire a grading specialist, who will take our pattern and translate it into our target size range. This is a necessary step to take before we can send our sample to a manufacturer. If we raise more than our goal, we plan to offer multiple color options: white, black, and a bonus color!
How do I learn more about Bust A Move?
You can visit our website www.bustamovebras.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok @bustamovebras.
When do I get my merchandise?
You will receive your merchandise 2 to 3 weeks after the campaign ends in late December (pending any supplier issues due to the pandemic).