Why Girls Should Stay in Sports

A study done in the United Kingdom found that girls are more likely to drop out of sports when they hit puberty because of breast discomfort and negative body image. Puberty, a natural bodily experience, should not be deterring girls from participating in sports because maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for physical and mental health as well as overall success.


Staying active maintains blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It decreases the possibility of developing diabetes, obesity, and other diseases, while also improving sleep.


Studies show that girls who participate in sports have higher confidence and higher self-esteem with their bodies and their self-worth. Through improving and succeeding in sports, young girls are able to develop and maintain a positive image of themselves.


Girls who participate in sports have better graduation rates than those who do not. Studies show that those who participate in high school sports miss school less than those who do not play sports and have higher grades. Students learn valuable teamwork and leadership skills, and are able to focus better in school due to their better mental health. 


Participation in sports growing up is correlated with success in the future. 94% of C-Suite women played sports growing up and those who are in recruitment said they looked positively on applicants who played sports. Those who play sports develop good work ethic, leadership and teamwork skills, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles, key characteristics of successful women.

Bust a Move’s goal is to create sports bras that are accessible to bustier girls so that they are less likely to drop out of sports due to their breasts. Some girls, however, may not want to participate in sports, which is totally fine, as long as they maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Alternatives to sports are horseback riding, yoga, running around the block, hiking, and more.

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