Why Your Athlete Needs a Well-Fitted Sports Bra!

  1. To Protect the Cooper’s Ligaments. The Cooper’s ligaments are connective tissue and the only bodily structure supporting the breasts besides the skin. The lack of proper support can cause the Cooper's ligaments to stretch and strain every time breasts move up and down during physical activity. Constant straining can lead to breast injuries and perpetual aching. Proper support from a well-fitted sports bra will alleviate the pressure from the Cooper’s ligaments, decreasing the development of aches and pains in the breasts.
  2. To Improve Posture. Heavy breasts move all the weight to the front of the body, causing girls to slouch. Constant slouching can lead to permanent poor posture, which will eventually cause neck and back pain.  The Bust A Move sports bra is designed to evenly distribute breast weight across the body which will improve posture, preventing neck and back pain.
  3. To Reduce Discomfort. A well-fitted sports bra decreases the amount of breast bouncing, which minimizes pain and discomfort. For busty girls, breast bouncing is like trying to do jumping jacks with a 10 lb. dumbbell around your neck! Bust A Move bras are specifically designed to reduce breast bouncing, which will make physical activity much more enjoyable. 
  4. To Improve Focus. In addition to causing discomfort and pain, large breasts are distracting during sports!  Breast bouncing causes one to feel self conscience and can divert the athlete's focus away from the sport. A well-fitted sports bra will decrease distractions and allow the athlete to fully concentrate on the sport. 
  5. To Improve Performance. As mentioned before, doing physical activity with large breasts is like having a 10 lb. dumbbell around your neck. Similar to how muscle activity increases to support dumbbells, muscle activity increases in the upper body to support breast movement. As the muscles work harder to support the breasts, it decreases in effectiveness for the activity that the athlete is participating in. A well-fitted sports bra will provide enough breast support so that the muscles can focus on performing optimally for the sport at hand.