How to measure your bra size?

  1. Wearing a non-padded or lightly lined bra, take a measuring tape and wrap it around over your back, underneath your arms, and right under your bust. This is your band size.
  2. While keeping the measuring tape around your back and under your arms, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. That is your bust size. 
  3. Subtract bust from band (Band - Bust) and that is your Cup Size.
  4. Starting from 1 inch, every inch goes up a size. For example: A = 1in, B=1in, etc.

If you are unable to do this at home, stores like Nordstrom will measure your bra size for free. 

Why is an accurate bra size so important?

The correct bra size minimizes breast movement and reduces pain. Without the correct bra size, young girls may be discouraged from playing sports because of the discomfort they feel from the lack of support. A jarring 88% of young female athletes were found to have been wearing the wrong bra size during sports. This high number is not too surprising because accurate bra size measurements are rarely discussed or taught as essential. Girls and women, however, should be getting their bra sizes measured at least once a year. As a girl goes through puberty, her bra size changes constantly, and losing weight or gaining weight can change the bra size for women of any age. Wearing the correct bra size will make movement much more comfortable and will reduce risk of injuring oneself. 

So go measure your bra size, find a bra that fits you, and BUST. A. MOVE.